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A New Project

Howdy, adventurers, I am very very excited to share that I’ve launched into a new project with no prep work or careful consideration. Huzzah! I’m not sure how much I want to say about it yet, as the vague plot-shaped thing in my mind already has many secret parts to it that I do notContinue reading “A New Project”

Shadow and Bone Thoughts

I reviewed Shadow and Bone a little while ago so that I could watch the Netflix show, and now that I have watched the show, I have Thoughts. Mostly about characterization. And I am going to share them whether you like it or not.

A Pantsing Update

Foreeever ago I wrote about plotting vs. pantsing, and how I’m trying something new with my latest manuscript: pantsing! I promised updates, so here’s the first one. After a long, cold, brutal slog through the wastelands of Where Is This Going and a trek across the bitter mountains of All My Writing Is Just DrivelContinue reading “A Pantsing Update”

On Spin-Offs

I have a “don’t read spin-offs” rule, but I break it all the time. A really common gripe readers have with spin offs is that “they’re just money grabs.” Here’s the thing: they’re not. The first book in a series almost always does the best in sales, and it usually just goes down from thereContinue reading “On Spin-Offs”

Review: Winterkeep, by Kristin Cashore

5/5 stars.

Ah, Winterkeep. Return to the land of Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue, and sail off into a previously unknown corner of this ever-expanding world. Follow a cast of both returning and new characters, including some animal narrators, as they dive deep into a treacherous republic known as Winterkeep.

Writing with Mythology

Mythology, in my experience, is incredibly fun to write with.

Myth is a code. It holds the values and fears and dreams shared by generations of people. It links everyone in a culture together. It’s mind blowing.


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