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Revising Strategies: Consistency

Who doesn’t love diving into a new book, marveling at the mountains and cities of someone else’s imagination, learning magic, and fighting bad guys?

Everyone loves that. But only if the fictional world is consistent.

When to Tell, not Show

In contrast to everything you’ve been told, young writer, sometimes telling is better than showing.

But for gosh sakes, WHEN? I hear you all ask. Excellent question.

Unprecedented Part II

Here is my short story based on the prompt I posted a little while ago, Unprecedented. I thought for a while about it, but could only come to one conclusion: only the very first time something happens is it unprecedented. As a nerd about ancient history and prehistory, I figured there was only one way to go.

On Starting Over

I have to start my stories over all the time. Here’s what I’ve learned from that. The key? Starting over isn’t failure.

Revising Strategies: Weaving

You could spin metaphors all day about how writing a story is like weaving a tapestry. It is, however, a useful analogy to how I revise one element of story: Plot.


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