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Shadow and Bone Thoughts

I reviewed Shadow and Bone a little while ago so that I could watch the Netflix show, and now that I have watched the show, I have Thoughts. Mostly about characterization. And I am going to share them whether you like it or not.

A Pantsing Update

Foreeever ago I wrote about plotting vs. pantsing, and how I’m trying something new with my latest manuscript: pantsing! I promised updates, so here’s the first one. After a long, cold, brutal slog through the wastelands of Where Is This Going and a trek across the bitter mountains of All My Writing Is Just DrivelContinue reading “A Pantsing Update”

On Spin-Offs

I have a “don’t read spin-offs” rule, but I break it all the time. A really common gripe readers have with spin offs is that “they’re just money grabs.” Here’s the thing: they’re not. The first book in a series almost always does the best in sales, and it usually just goes down from thereContinue reading “On Spin-Offs”

Review: Winterkeep, by Kristin Cashore

5/5 stars.

Ah, Winterkeep. Return to the land of Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue, and sail off into a previously unknown corner of this ever-expanding world. Follow a cast of both returning and new characters, including some animal narrators, as they dive deep into a treacherous republic known as Winterkeep.

Writing with Mythology

Mythology, in my experience, is incredibly fun to write with.

Myth is a code. It holds the values and fears and dreams shared by generations of people. It links everyone in a culture together. It’s mind blowing.

On Subverting Tropes

The Pros and Cons Tropes are everywhere. They’re taking over! Scratch that, they already have taken over. That’s not surprising. Humans like predictable patterns. After all, identifying them was immeasurably helpful in helping us survive that period of our evolution when we had to constantly run away from lions and scavenge for food and whatnot,Continue reading “On Subverting Tropes”

Review: Renegades, by Marissa Meyer

5/5 stars–minor spoilers in this review.

In this world of superheroes and anarchists, some humans known as “prodigies” have come by extraordinary powers. After the Age of Anarchy ended and a group of prodigies who call themselves the Renegades established justice and security in the city of Gatlon, a new villain rose.


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